Fire & Ice (Album)

Kaskade - Fire & Ice

Label: Ultra Records

Cat.#: ID

Genre: House, Progressive House

Format: mp3

Rel Date: 25-10-2011

Quality: 256 kbps

Tracks: 20




01 Eyes (feat. Mindy Gledhill)

02 Turn It Down (with Rebecca & Fiona)

03 Lessons In Love (feat. Neon Trees)

04 Lick It Kaskade & Skrillex

05 Llove (feat. Haley)

06 Let Me Go (feat. Marcus Bently)

07 Waste Love (feat. Quadron)

08 Ice (with Dan Black)

09 How Long (with Late Night Alumni)

10 Room for Happiness (feat. Skylar Grey)


01 Eyes (Kaskade`s ICE Mix) [feat. Mindy Gledhill]

02 Turn It Down (Kaskade`s ICE Mix) [with Rebecca & Fiona]

03 Lessons In Love (Kaskade`s ICE Mix)

04 Lick It (Kaskade`s ICE Mix)

05 Llove (Kaskade`s ICE Mix) [feat. Haley]

06 Let Me Go (Kaskade`s ICE Mix) [feat. Marcus Bently]

07 Waste Love (Kaskade`s ICE Mix) [feat. Quadron]

08 Ice (Kaskade`s ICE Mix) [with Dan Black]

09 How Long (Kaskade`s ICE Mix) [with Late Night Alumni]

10 Room for Happiness (Kaskade`s ICE Mix) [feat. Skylar Grey]

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Fire & Ice (Album)

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