01-Safri Duo-prelude (bach)
02-Safri Duo-fugue (bach)
03-Safri Duo-fugue in f minor op 35 no 5 (mendelssohn)
04-Safri Duo-fantaisie-impromptu in c sharp minor op 66 (chopin)
05-Safri Duo-etude in c sharp minor op 10 no 4 (chopin)
06-Safri Duo-alborada del gracioso (ravel)
07-Safri Duo-prelude in c major (norgard-bach)
08-Safri Duo-prelude in f sharp major (norgard-bach)
09-Safri Duo-prelude in d minor (norgard-bach)
10-Safri Duo-Safricana op 31 - i (barfoed)
11-Safri Duo-Safricana op 31 - ii (barfoed)
12-Safri Duo-Safricana op 31 - iii (barfoed)
13-Safri Duo-Safricana op 31 - iv (barfoed)
14-Safri Duo-twine (wallin)
15-Safri Duo-goldrush (veldhuis)

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