Roohy Rayha Maak - روحى رايحه معاك

Artist: Ezz El Deen
Album: Roohy Rayha Maak
Label: K-Music
Genre: Arabic
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps (Covers)
Length: 32:13
Size: 67.4 MB


01.Roohy Rayha Ma`ak
02.Enta Eh Hekaytak
03.Mel Leila
04.Agmal Ayam Hayaty
05.Kelmet Khoof
06.Baheb Alby
07.Zay Elly Fel Aflam
08.Fakarteeny Bnafsy Zaman

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عز الدين - روحى رايحه معاك

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